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"I came to the Active for Life session in October 2018 and am so glad I then joined you at Marina Studios to dance after that. I hadn't listened to soul/funk for years - was quite into it in my teens but then got into other genres but now it's what I listen to mostly as I find it so uplifting but also I've enjoyed being introduced to the afrobeats you play in class too 😁 It's taken me to get to my mid-fifties to find something I love so I'm grateful to you for that".

- Jackie W

"As a nearly mid 50’er I had kind of given up on finding exercise that did not feel like it was high pressure to achieve and look great. It does not even feel like exercise it feels like fun! Love the classes"

- Adele Ferguson


"Just finished my first session in Brighton - wasn’t sure what to expect but it was great fun whilst burning some calories and getting fit! Easily adapted to my limitations! See you next week!"

- Dee Mullings



"FunkFit is my highlight of the week. Thanks JP for your funky energy and the great vibe each week. I would happily recommend FunkFit to anybody who enjoys a good Boogie."

- Robert Le Duc

"Went to my first class in Worthing last night- it’ll be the first of many for certain! Excellent music,great fun and a fantastic atmosphere. Full of people enjoying themselves whilst getting fit. Brilliantly led by JP who just when my legs could take no more, shouts “freestyle!” Great timing!"

- Sarah Smith

"I absolutely recommend FunkFit with JP after so many years trying different classes I finely found what I love and make me feel fantastic. I love your energy and passion, music and dancing 💃🏻🕺 Simply the best "

- Gosia Llopis

"Best class ever! Enables you to let go and enjoy plus get fit at the same time, it’s like going to a party and having a good ole boogie to some great music! Can not fault it"

- Naomi Suzanne Alder

"Omg! At last I’ve found a fitness class I actually enjoy! Funky, groovy music, friendly people, a brilliant instructor who makes the class just like disco’s I frequented in the 80’s! I couldn’t stop dancing - even when I left!! Absolutely loved it."

- Victoria Workman

"At last I've found a fitness class I love. JP is such fun and along with amazing music you somehow keep going for the whole class. No complicated moves or choreography and he lets you "freestyle" in practically every song. Come along- you won't regret it!"

- Katharine Branch

"I recently booked a FunkFit class with JP for 25 women on a hen party and it was AMAZING!!!! We had a day and night full of activities, but the one thing everybody is still talking about is the FunkFit!!! Everybody loved it! We were a group ranging between 30 - 70 years old, many of us don't do regular exercise and some were a bit apprehensive of the idea to start with but JP was such a brilliant teacher that every single person commented that they'd like to do it again. So much so that we're all hoping he'll start running a class in our home town outside of Brighton soon! He made us sweat, but most importantly he made us laugh and have fun, dancing around like no-one was watching. It was the perfect start to the day and a great ice-breaker! He even arranged a champagne reception for our group. Just perfect! JP, please come open a new studio near us! You have a new client base ready and willing! Highly recommended"

-Claire Nicola Goodchild


"JP came to teach his FunkFit class today at our dance studio and we absolutely LOVED it!! the music, the energy the atmosphere was electric. I would highly recommend this class. Well done JP"

- Lady Sue Vincent

"JP!!! Thank YOU for helping me find my love and passion for dance again. I absolutely love your classes.. the energy and enthusiasm you bring to class each week is unmatched by any other dance or fitness class I have ever taken! You inspire us all to just dance, without judgement and my Monday night fix keeps me cookin’ on funk for the rest of the week! Awesome!!! 🙌 Thank you"

- Katy Williams


"My friend Chris and I went to our first class this week, and it was brilliant!! Funky uplifting music, great atmosphere, friendly and non com petitive. All I hoped for, we will be back!!"

- Carole Dowsing

"Wow! -just been to the Funkfit class tonight at DT studio ,Leyland . Absolutely loved it -felt like I was dancing on a night out -an hour felt like 5 minutes -JP was awesome and his energy is infectious -totally recommend it -smiled all the way through -anyone can do this class -suitable for all abilites -get out of it what you want "

-Katrina Gostelow

"Went to funkfit with my sister for the first time tonight, it was so much fun and a great way to exercise. I'd highly recommend and we'll definitely be back"

- Gabi Draper


"Just had the best time at my first funkfit class in Worthing! Been desperately trying to find something that combines dancing together with great music and is fun! Loved it!"

- Jenny Todd

"Great online session this morning, thanks JP for your infectious enthusiasm, great workouts and fab playlist!"

- Eleanor Bishop

"I have always been jealous of those people in Brighton who get to attend JP’s FunkFit sessions and today I was able to join in remotely from my lounge 😁 JP is such a great instructor, energetic with such an infectious smile...I had such a great time! I would really recommend joining " 

- Eva Suiter


"Its fun, Motown music, great exercise, friendly classes. affordable, good location."

- Michelle Clayton

"Just tried FunkFit for the first time at Camber Sands. First class with JP as well. It was one of the best classes I have EVER done! Everyone was sweating their back out the whole time but no one cared cos everyone’s just having an absolute party!!!!"

- Carol Angel Williamson

"Was a little nervous trying this class for the very first time ,as a Zumba instructor that had not ever been to another dance class before . It was an amazing class, JP is a great Funkmaster . Energy was high fab tunes and great moves would definitely recommend this class"

- Sarita E Mitchell

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