• FunkFit is the Number 1 and only dance fitness programme in the world which, at its core, uses Funk, Soul, Disco and Motown music as well as uplifting hits from different decades to create a truly unique and exhilarating experience.

  • FunkFit uses simple choreography and steps making it hugely accessible to everyone regardless of age, ability and fitness levels.

  • FunkFit is delivered by Funkmasters - a name that gives kudos and carries responsibility - a tribe of the funkiest instructors dedicated to bringing the funk and energy to the masses.

  • The music is timeless and transcends all ages and generations. It brings special memories and emotions and gives participants positivity, happiness, energy and good vibes. Funkmasters can adapt the tunes to bring out the funk in the participants. The emphasis is on dancing, grooving and having fun with the bonus of getting fitter.

  • Funkmasters will have access to routines choreographed to the most popular and loved Funk, Soul, Motown and Disco tracks with more added each month.

  • Funkmasters are also taught the FunkFit moves and grooves and variations which will help create their own choreographies.

  • FunkFit attracts an untapped market (people aged 35 - 65+ years) of people who love to dance and want to get fit but do not enjoy the gym or attending a choreographed dance fitness class.

  • FunkFit ideally is set in club-like conditions in a dark room with disco lights. Participants lose their inhibitions and go for it. It is like clubbing without the drinking!



  • Maximise on your potential income by setting up a class that is unique, innovative and stands out from the rest, which appeals to so many across generations. Be the first to introduce FunkFit in your area!

  • Funkfit offers a great flexible earning potential! Earn up to £300 - £400 per hour or more!

  • Be part of the Funkmasters’ network, full of like minded funky people and have the opportunity to travel to national and international events and present.

  • Have the opportunity to become part of the future FunkForce - the Funkmaster teacher trainers!



To train with us you must have at least two of the following:

  • Have charisma, be energetic and be funky!

  • Have a huge passion for dance and for Funk, Soul, Motown and Disco music.

  • Level 2 dance, sport or fitness qualification

  • Dance degree or Fitness teaching qualification

  • Minimum of a years’ experience in the dance or fitness industry


Please contact if you want to discuss the requirements further.



  • The FunkFit experience - Masterclass with Funkmaster JP Omari

  • Introduction to the FunkFit brand

  • Being a Funkmaster - its important role

  • FunkFit Moves and Choreography

  • Accessing new moves and music

  • How to deliver the perfect FF class










































  • Ongoing rights to use the FunkFit brand name

  • Unlimited access to Funkmaster JP Omari’s online classes

  • Access to online database of choreographies with more added regularly

  • Access to videos with the foundation FunkFit moves, grooves and variations

  • Access to specially curated FunkFit music playlists that you can use for your classes

  • List your classes on

  • Promotion of your FunkFit classes and events on social media

  • Customisable marketing materials for print and social media

  • Support on setting up and creating Facebook ad campaigns

  • Ongoing access to the Funkmasters’ Online Forum on Facebook

  • 15% off FunkFit clothing



Can I make up my own routines?
Yes. It is important that Funkmasters fully own and embrace the content of what is being taught and delivered in their sessions. 

You can:

  • teach the FunkFit choreographed routines

  • change them to suit your style or participants

  • or create your own using the moves from the categories in the FunkFit Official Moves list.

The most important thing is that you are confident in what you are delivering and focus on creating an amazing experience for your participants!

Why do I have to pay a monthly license fee?
We want to maintain our quality standards as well as support you, your classes and the overall success of the FunkFit brand.

Will I be tied into a contract?
It depends on the type of membership you choose. If you choose to stop at any time, you will no longer be a certified Funkmaster.

Do you need a music licence to teach FunkFit?
In most countries, unless your venue is already covered you will generally need a music licence (PRS & PPL) because we use original tracks from well-known artists not cover versions.

funkmaster training course

Pricing Plans for funkmaster Licence

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Become a FunkFit Instructor (Funkmaster) today!!

Be the first to introduce FunkFit - a unique, exciting and inclusive dance fitness class

to your area!!

Purchase your FUNKMASTER training course today for only £199!

Auto-Renew Terms - Your original Licensing / Training Programme payment included up to 1 month of support material. You will not become a Funkmaster – and you cannot teach FunkFit® classes – until you complete the Licensing Programme.

After the first month anniversary of your payment date, your Funkmaster Membership will automatically renew on a month-to-month basis. This will depend on the option you choose:

  • £19.99 per month - You will be tied into a contract for 12 months.

  • £24.99 per month - You will not be tied into a contract and can stop at any time.

  • £219 per year - Pay annually and get a month free. To be paid in advance, non-refundable.

Purchasing - You will be asked to choose a Funkmaster Licence 30 days after purchasing the Funkmaster training course. 

Cancelling Auto-Renew - You can only cancel the auto-renew (and your FunkFit® Membership or access to the Funkmaster Licensing / Training Programme and to all support material) if you choose Option 2 (£24.99 per month) where you will not be tied into a contract.