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About Us

What is FunkFit?


FunkFit is the Number 1 and only dance fitness class in the world which, at its core, uses Funk, Soul, Disco and Motown as well as uplifting hits from different decades to create a truly unique and exhilarating experience! FunkFit uses simple choreography and steps making it hugely accessible to everyone regardless of ages, abilities and fitness levels. You just have to follow the teacher (Funkmaster)! Songs you grew up with or used to go clubbing to, will have you grooving, sweating, singing along and having a great time. This is a class where dancing, having fun and enjoying the music is the priority and through that you will find an improvement in your fitness, stamina, strength and coordination.


The origins of FunkFit


FunkFit was created when JP Omari was asked to cover a Zumba class. His dance influences come from Funk, Soul, Disco, Motown, Pop and Hip Hop and that was the music he had access to so he led the class with that. The participants loved the music, sang along and had a great workout! That was the beginning of FunkFit…

Who is JP Omari?


JP Omari is a multi-award winning Hip Hop dancer, teacher, choreographer and fitness presenter who has worked hard and extensively to become the leading Hip Hop dance figure in Brighton & Hove as well as the UK’s leading Funk and Disco music fitness presenter . He has presented, performed, taught and judged competitions around the world and is widely respected in the UK dance and fitness scene.


JP became the UK’s first bboy (breakdancer) to take part in a reality TV dance show when he took part in the BBC’s Strictly Dance Fever in 2006 reaching the semi-finals with his dance partner, Stacey Gaunt. Since then, he has worked with chart topping artists such as Dizzee Rascal, Sean Paul and Orbital. 


He is the founder of Streetfunk – the South Coast’s biggest and most successful Hip Hop dance school based in Brighton. Established in 2006, Streetfunk teaches hundreds of kids and adults of all ages to streetdance. Streetfunk students have won countless South Coast, South East, Southern, UK, European and World streetdance championship titles.


He is the creator and founder of FunkFit - the Number 1 and only dance fitness class in the world which, at its core, uses Funk, Soul, Disco and Motown. 


JP knows no boundary and is intent on spreading his love and passion to dance and music worldwide.

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